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Mahjongg is the best place online to play the fast, fun, addicting Mahjong Tile Game!
Mahjongg is an ancient Chinese tile game that now, thanks to Mahjongg, you can play online all the time. This mahjongg tile board is a bit different than the original, but you will find yourself loving these mahjongg tiles in no time!
Mahjongg is a simple game and lots of fun to play. The basic strategy is to eliminate all the tiles from the board by selecting available matches. Once correctly selected, the match will disappear. Your goal is to pick all matches to clear the entire Mahjongg tile board.
Share us on Facebook in order to receive unlimited hints during your Mahjongg tile games- you'll want them... the game can get tricky sometimes! But, don't count on them to win the game for you- you'll need your own intuition to take you over the mahjongg finish line!

Mahjong Shanghai

Mahjong Shanghai is a classic mahjong game. It's old style but it provides a really nice playng experience.

Mahjong Tower

Mahjong Tower is a nice mahjong game which contains many nice levels. As you can imagine in many layouts the tiles are arranged in the form of a tower.

Mahjongg Connect

Mahjong Connect is a game in which you need to connect 2 identical mahjong tiles. The connection is valid only if it's done in 3 or less moves.

Mahjong Chain

Mahjong Chain is a nice version of mahjong. It's similar to mahjong connect, you need to find mahjong matching tiles which can be connected in 3 moves.

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